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is an innovative dynamic system that quantifies and calibrates distance control to the green speed and conditions of the day at any course and guides players to the pro-side of a break with great direction control.

Golf is challenging! Putting is difficult! 

More than 40% of golf shots are on the putting green!

Pros only make 50% of their putts from 8 feet and only 20% from 16 feet!

Great putting is essential for better scoring…and for having more fun!

What if there was a simple way to make more putts, three putt less often… all while playing FASTER without the use of ANY device!


FORMULAPUTTING® is the solution!

FORMULAPUTTING® enhances your judgment of the effects of distance, breaks, hills, green speeds and varying conditions.

By simply answering three questions, FORMULAPUTTING® gives you the solutions for both DISTANCE and DIRECTION control!

With our efficient and effective ‘speed’ green reading and pre-shot routine, FORMULAPUTTING® helps match the correct direction control with the even more important distance control….

You set your AIM, then focus on FORCE. It is extremely difficult for most golfers to think about both while standing over a putt!

FORMULAPUTTING® has incredible training drills, practice games, and pre-play warmups. We make the short game fun, with purpose and after each putt provide incredible feedback for immediate improvement!

FORMULAPUTTING® is appropriate for every level of golfer…Beginners to Pros…those who just play for fun…and a must for any competitive golfer.

FORMULAPUTTING® has been developed with PGA Teaching Professionals. Every Golf Coach and Instructor should have the FORMULAPUTTING® system in their teaching arsenal! You will have a simple and effective way to teach players touch and feel along with getting them to the correct side of breaks!


The fp clockhole


Start with the FP Intro ClockHole from our FP Web Store. This essential tool, accompanied by a 13-minute training video, will enhance your distance control and is a must for any golfer.

Next, upgrade to the FP Trainer ClockHole set, featuring five ClockHoles and the latest training video tailored for competitive players, coaches, and instructors. This video includes core FP Drills for training, practicing, and warming up; ideal for teaching, clinics, and competitive fun.

Download the FP Intro App and FP Premier App from Google Play or the App Store to access core training videos and FP Formulas—an incredible value for
improving your putting.

Purchase the FormulaPutting Training System on the FP Shop webpage: Sign up for just $50 to get all of the training videos for both FP Intro and FP Premier,
along with remote training support and future updates.

Instructors and coaches, transform your teaching with the FP Instructor Coach Kit. Watch the introductory video to learn how this kit can help your teams calibrate
to any green speed on any course.


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FORMULAPUTTING® helps you match the correct distance control with the correct direction. You set your AIM then focus on FORCE.

It is extremely difficult for most golfers to Do both standing over a putt!

FORMULAPUTTING® is the solution.   


You will have a simple and effective way to teach players touch and feel.  

The Formula Golf Company LLC ®

developed the complete training
system for your short game.

FORMULAPUTTING® is the cornerstone of the training system providing both distance and direction control.

FORMULACHIPPING® takes it to the next level, extending the methods used in FORMULAPUTTING® to shots just off the green!

The Formula Golf Company LLC ®, FORMULAPUTTING® and FORMULACHIPPING® are the subject of pending trademark registration applications of The Formula Golf Company LLC ®


 Golf’s formula for better putting!

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